Monday, 10 September 2018

World Suicide Prevention

Each one of us have faced melancholic moments in our lives where we feel helpless, hopeless and worthless. And due to stigma, most of us deny having such feelings.. It can be due to some family, financial, failure in exams, loss of a loved one, health problems. It is quite normal to have such low moments and we must openly share them with our dear ones to reduce the burden.   But being a world where each one of us are struggling for survival of the fittest in a rat race for existence , we tend to ignore such feelings by hiding them under the carpet..With the rise in single parenting and nuclear families, kids are all facing isolation and are forced to fight  their own problems.. Only the fittest survives under such circumstances, leaving others getting lost. Thus we are losing many precious lives everyday.
World Health Organization estimates that over 800,000 people die by suicide each year – that’s one person every 40 seconds.
Today is world suicide prevention day and theme for 2018 is Working Together To Prevent Suicide. With the alarming epidemic of suicide spree gripping the world, leaders have come to a conclusion to take preventive measures.
When a suicide takes place, we often blame ourselves for ignoring the symptoms when it's somebody really close to us.. I have lost 5 people I know very well to suicide. And till now their family members too avoid contact with everybody.
On this day, I have a message to all those surviving that you're not alone in this journey. Life is full of ups and downs and is not a bed of roses. You must come stronger everyday with each struggle.
1)All of us feel suicidal at times. Nobody is immune. If you haven't felt it so far, give life a chance... And believe me it's quite normal to have these thoughts.
2)loneliness and hopelessness contribute a lot to final stage.
3)whenever you realise that your friend, acquaintance, lover, student, neighbour, relative, is avoiding people , you should ask if they are okay.
4)Asking about their problems is the best way to help
5)Offer to talk, brew a cup of tea/coffee/hot meal. Don't advice. Just hear them out. At the end, thank them for trusting you with all the information, thoughts and feelings.
6)Ask what you can do to help them feel better. It is a simple question but a powerful one at the end of patient and helpful listening.
7) if you feel intimidated hearing their problems, tell them and ask how they overcame their hurdle.
8)Call a helpline if you feel worried about their safety.
9)seek help from psychiatrist, professionals, experts
10)Patient listening and company are the greatest tools to tackle their problems.
11)keep in touch and let them know that you care.

Let us save many more lives on this day and everyday.

Friday, 1 June 2018


Veterinarians and dentist are the most suicidal in UK and USA.Anesthethesia is the most suicide prone medical speciality.Psychiatrist are the most depression prone doctors . Surgeons face maximum family problems and divorces..Physicians and nurses face maximum burrnout and compassion fatigue..Statistics are not clear for nursing professionals athough they are the ones who struggle maximum.They say medicine is only for the lion hearted and brave,but nobody dares to see the human emotions behind those years of struggle which Healthcare professional silently face.
It looks like a noble profession to others from outside but there is a lot of dirty secrets and pain behind years of toiling to earn those scrubs,white coats, stethoscopes,professional skills,drug prescription,UG,PG degrees,job,clinical setup,professor posts in departments..Intense competition to master multiple subjects right from undergraduate days,faculty intolerance,ego, criticisms,professional jealousy,financial debts to pursue a degree.After studies comes the monstrous hours of work during internship and residency deprived of food,sleep,pay.In addition targets imposed by corporate hospital managements over doctors to improve their Hospital. No time for family,life,kids,parents,spouse,friends...In the midst of all this,there is a pressure to display a superhero image infront of patients thus numbing their own feelings.A doctor taking treatment for their emotional plight,psychiatric trouble will be stigmatised by the society,so they conceal their emotion..Doctors taking hippocratic oath to save patients have started taking their own lives ..Doctors are one of the most common suicide prone professionals in the world and Medical mistake is the 3rd most common cause of death of patients by the already overworked doctors.
.June 1 is the day for campaigning of mental well being and healthcare of all healthcare professionals started by cardiologist Dr Geoff Toogood with the Australian medical council. .It is an idea spreading, conversation starting and culture changing day.This day is for doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, social workers, physiotherapists, psychologists, dietitians, speech pathologists, audiologists, respiratory therapists, anaesthesia techs, paramedics, medical students, veterinarians and all other specialties that work in the health care industry for patients.The society often places high expectation over healthcare professionals  to be faultless and sees them equal to god.But in reality ,they are mortal human beings who are overburdened by the high pressured healthcare industry,low pay,long working hours.Most of them are silent victims of depression,anxiety, burnout, compassion fatigue and fear to seek treatment for their problems due to stigma as the society shuns medicos and brands them unfit.
All are advised to wear odd socs on this day,which may sound too idealistic to the point of cynicism for many.Even i felt it a bit awkward wearing odd coloured socs.But it is a topic that  is very close to my heart being an  medical student with most of my family members as doctors.Also since present day doctors are more stressed out in this era of nuclear family,this event has struck the  chords and touched the hearts of healthcare professionals.When we talk about this ,we end the stigma and bring light and create acceptance and support.It is done to-
*To Remember the many Health Professionals who suffer from stress, psychiatric problem,died by suicide or in the line of duty.
*To Raise awareness of mental health issues among Health Professionals
*To Reshape the culture of the Health Care Industry with Hope and Humanity, so that health care workers are given the space to care for each other.
It's a  highly competitive field  where the most intelligent,fittest with good adversity and emotional quotient survives leaving others getting lost in the labyrinth of competition becoming dumb.However smart,intelligent & caring you are,once you loose mental strength ,it affects your cognition, affecting your day to day activities. .So Let  us all care and help each other in tough times to maintain the nobility of Medical profession.The fight for maintaining the sanctity of this profession must continue.

Monday, 28 May 2018

Menstrual Health Day

As a kid,I had wild ideas of undergoing gender reassignment surgery to become  a guy when I grow up..Guess why? To escape from  menstruation😎..It is we girl's irritating companion from preteen to early 50s bothering us to concentrate at workplace,school,college,family life,functions,sports and cultural activities..And the religious restrictions imposed on those days which I loathe.
I always hated it when I get it on the day of my athletic events which used to prevent me from participating.
It was on 12th June 1999 in 5th standard at the age of 10 that I got my first periods,which is early  menstruation for the tallest girl of the class😎.As a little kid I was puzzled seeing the brown stains on my undergarment and thought I had some serious health issue.Out of fear and immaturity,i hid my stained undergarment under  the bed.Later after 1 week my mom found  out and explained to me on menstrual cycle and menstrual hygeine.That was my first menstrual awareness session.But on this day I feel proud of  that great lesson my mom taught me for which I'll be grateful to her full life.
It is one of the main reason to avail monthly offs at workplace for most of the girls..But as a woman,I feel every workplace should grant ladies free offs on days of our periods too along with the regular offs..
As we girls get our periods ,we are stigmatised and separated to come in contact ,go to places of worship,offices,schools in those days.I always feel why should we feel ashamed of this amazing blessing of womanhood.
Be proud of this gift of procreation all ladies out there cause juggling your career and life in the midst of those premenstrual tension,cramps, bleeding makes you all a real superwoman
Only 10-20% of women in India use menstrual pads.Developed nation are those where women are empowered.Primary education should be given to spread awareness amongst girls on menstrual hygeine
May 28th is Menstrual Hygiene Day, a day to speak out about & celebrate menstruation. A day to support & create a strong voice for girls and women, helping to break the silence The issue of menstrual hygiene is inadequately acknowledged & has not received proper attention.  The silence around menstruation is dangerous, it feeds myths and discrimination.
It’s on all of us to break the silence on menstruation.. This year’s theme is “Empowerment,” and the slogan is “No More Limits. Lets empower women and girls through good Menstrual Hygiene.. 

Tips for menstrual hygeine
1)keep genitals clean by washing with soap and water
2)Use sanitary pads instead of cloth
3)Change pads on 2-3 times on day of heavy flow
4)Spread message of menstrual hygeine to everybody
5)Teach young girls on menstrual cycle, hygeine on the first day of their periods.

One message "If a woman cannot bleed,then no one exists in this world."

#NoMoreLimits #empowerment #mhday2018

Sunday, 1 April 2018


Meet the rainbow children...
Their brain is  like colourful pieces of a jigsaw puzzle not joined
So what you learn early in life ,they learn later in life.
So forgive them when they take time for potty training, walking, crawling, cycling.
They are not ignoring you,but waiting for you to enter their world..
You must take the lead and play and teach them everything
When you speak to them in long sentences, they get confused as their brain’s computer is not functioned to understand so many words. So speak to them  in two words and they will respond.
They can't speak like you and me,so they scream to get your attention.
Nicely explain to them to not scream and teach them new words
They don’t share their toys sometimes because they think someone will take their things away and not return. They do not trust easily. So, for them to share their toys, you have to be friends with them first. Once you are friends, they can share everything.
Their restless minds do not let them sleep making them run around and be more naughty.
They like wandering when they see fascinating areas like water bodies,heights,malls so keep an eye on them while they come across it
Install security locks, tracking devices,personal ids.Have a strict diet and sleep pattern.Avoid crowded areas.
Do not be angry with these specially abled children while teaching them all this..Educate them about daily activities,basic general knowledge,teach them how to swim.. Support them with full heart in whatever they're talented.
#autismawarenessmonth #autismawarenessday #april2 #LIUB #lightitupblueforautism #lightitupblue

Friday, 30 March 2018


World Bipolar Day (WBD) is a global initiative founded by various professional societies and foundations to bring world awareness to bipolar disorders and to eliminate social stigma. Through international collaboration, the goal of World Bipolar Day is to bring the world population information about bipolar disorders that will educate and improve sensitivity towards the illness. WBD is celebrated each year on March 30th, the birthday of Vincent Van Gogh, who was posthumously diagnosed as probably having bipolar disorder.
Bipolar disorder is a brain disorder that causes abnormal strong shifts in mood, activity levels and energy, and severe suffering for patients and caregivers. This disorder constitutes a major health economic challenge for societies: according to the most recent WHO global burden of disease study, bipolar disorders rank within the top 20 causes of disability among all medical conditions worldwide, and rank 6th among the mental disorders.The life expectancy of patients with bipolar disorder is reduced by about 10 years, likely due to medical comorbidity, high suicide rates and adverse lifestyles

Being with my friend who had this disorder made me learn a lot had to change 3-4 psychiatrist who couldn't diagnose her condition properly seeing her depressive episodes..Later the last one said it's bipolar type 2..She changed many antidepressants which didn't work on her..I used to hear her say how she struggled to sleep,eat food,get up from her bed,come to class ,sit infront of books in her depressive episodes..All her classmates used to mock at her when she is seen in the psychiatrist's chamber and make names for her(can you imagine all those were doctors and medical students🙄).She had to struggle to tell every HOD before practical and theory  exam her problem.They used to ask others and me too what is wrong with her..Also I have to admit she is a really kind soul who had been exploited by manipulative people to get their needs done as this is one condition that makes you so good at heart..It is so pathetic to see how mental health issues are so badly dealt in India and the stigma attached to it.. She is a real warrior who taught me how it feels like to be a prisoner  of your own mind and thoughts.Inspite of all these odds ,she braved everything alone  in her hostel,completed her medical studies and is working now😎.And i dedicate this  day to her..

To all those newly diagnosed and suffering with this disorder,always remember..You are true warriors like a knight with a sword fighting against  a demon ,that is your own thoughts .. You must take it as a challenge everyday and come out positive and survive and inspire others with your life. .It is never easy to think in your brains and to walk in your shoes just for a day..Never loose hopes in your journey with ups and downs..Always find support from people having similar experiences as you did.Take help from friends who are supportive...For the ones like you who have faced the darkest moments of their life will only appreciate the brightness and beauty of life in its depth with compassion, humility and warmth.
#worldbipolarday #bipolarday #30 march

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

My QUOTE of the year 2018

We have all been knocked down in life.  In order to be strong you have to endure heartache, loss and failure.  Once you live through the pain and disappointment you realize you are a survivor.  The definition of survivor is a person who copes well with difficulty in their life.In this phase of survival,one will become a strong warrior ready to face any adversities in life.
I have had my fair share of difficulties and failures at each stage of life for which I’m grateful to God.. It means I’m living life and taking risks.Im sure most of us must  have had our difficult times too ..Everytime trouble knocks at our doors ,we must grab life by the horns and challenge it.. Most of these failures become blessings eventually.
Being a shy kid,I was counselled  by my school teachers to open up...From school days,I always wanted to get selected for my sports day running competition,which I unfortunately didn't get selection. But finally my chance came at 11 th standard,where I not only won a gold and 2 silver,but also came 2 nd place in an interschool running competition.. Similarly I tried every other sports activity like swimming ,batminton, basketball, where I didn't get qualified only ,but glad I got to try everything in life..I even gave my hands on dancing, poetry recitation, drawing, singing, caricature too.
Then came my 12 th standard results which came as a major shock in my life.After scoring 90% in class 10,I had high hopes that I'll do well in class 11 and 12. But due to my hatred for physics especially and chemistry,my grades fell down to 80%..Also the entrance exams which I wrote didn't go well..All this didn't allow me to get me admission into Jubilee Mission Medical College..It is the place where I was born and my parents always wanted me to get admission there.Then came the agent scam where my parents were tricked by an agent who made us waste our time giving false hopes of providing admission in SRM,Sri Ramachandra,vels University.. Finally after getting in contact with the mutual friends of my uncle ,my parents bought me a management seat in Srinivas Medical College,where I was the first batch of my college..
Then came my college life..We were the first batch of our college.I struggled a lot as there were no seniors in my college to guide us about which all books to read..Also I didn't know the kannada language and had to learn from the cleaners and my roommate and some dayscholar buddies.Also staying away from parents in a hostel.. Being an average student who frequently forgets,I had to study and revise my topics by making notes,stick papers on the wall and study..But inspite of all this ,I used to score only average marks among my bright classmates..But by god's grace ,I cleared first,2nd ,3rd and final year mbbs without any backlogs with a university like RGUHS..I really wonder how an average student like me  did it now..All the seminars in my medical college life changed my shyness.
Then my internship life came where I was torchured badly in each of the department with writing case sheets, informing history to consultants etc..But looking back,I really enjoy those days..
Presently after failing badly and not even qualifying after giving my medical postgraduation exam inspite of sitting at home 1 year to study,I am in the stage of depression and confused about my future..After the disastrous results in 3 competitive exams,,I am  totally shattered..Being a girl,me and my family always wanted me to settle down early after getting my degrees fast.So i joined coaching class fast unlike my other classmates who went to work..But this failure has taught me a lot in life.This failure has  taught me Patience ,perseverance and determination in life when it comes to achieving my goal..Also I realised that God gives such experience to make people mentally strong.In a country like India,doctors work to get PG seat more than become a good doctor  and gain experience.Also due to reservation,less number of seats,it takes years for people to get into their dream branches.. .
One must have realistic goal and never put high expectations in life cause these are blue  prints for disappointments.
I even realised presently after working as. Casualty Medical Officer in the most  crowded charity missionary hospital in south Canara,that PG life which all graduate doctors  are aspiring is an even tougher world where you are ragged to death by your senior, guides and where most doctors blame hating their lives as they end up as money making machines for corporate hospital and medical colleges..In order to withstand all that,one must be mentally tough and I still need time to build up on that..All young doctors must work and see more cases and be a good doctor like our olden days doctors used to do.. Getting a seat is based on destiny and God blesses us with it when our right time comes... But becoming a good doctor comes with time and experience..Presenty I thank God for giving me this failures which I'm going to add as a feather to my cap.

So all my friends,Don’t be afraid to express yourself, be vulnerable and reach for the stars.  Even if things don’t work out it will shape you and make you stronger.  Stronger to love, and live life to its fullest.
Remember,each of us are born in this world to fulfil a purpose in life and to make this world a better place with our talents in our own unique ways.
#motivation #thoughful #survivor #warrior

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Internship -OBG

It was on 10th March,after final year mbbs results came out ,I was on top of cloud 9 being the first batch of my college to pass out and start internship not knowing how hectic that 1 year is gonna be like..For my batch it was major posting first..It all started with OBG..One subject that I hated the most..
I had always known of the bitchy, inquisitive,gossip hungry nature of staffs in the Obg department,wards,labour theatres and never ever wished in my dreams to become one..
But still I had respect for them since they are the doctors who have maximum pressure as they take care of the mother and baby's life at the same time..

We had some amazing staffs initially when my college started who were very dynamic and created an interest in the subject by making us watch the procedure and do at the same time..But as we became interns most of them left and we were left with the budding junior obstetricians ..They were amazing doctors too but were overburdened with duties and taking classes due to lack of staffs and poor payment by the hospital management due to which many had left..Inspite of all this,they made sure that we learned how to deliver babies vaginally,apply sutures on the perineum and assist OPD procedures in gynaecology..

The most busiest 2 months posting started with 1 month OPD and LABOUR THEATRE EACH..After frequent morning rounds,OPD used to be busy with 40-50 cases per day in mornings where our dear professors used to make us write case sheets,do GPE of each patients,pap smear,colposcopy,few IUD insertion and removal, speculum  examination ..This was followed by afternoon gossips of our department ranging from different topics under the sun😍 ..Then came the night duties every 4-5 days ,with ANC  admissions with multigravidas,primigravidas,ectopic pregnancies with many delivering at night and next day where we don't get time to change out dress and freshen up for next days rounds for writing notes and gearing up for questions..
After 1 months the busiest and unforgettable LT posting started which has transformed us all into really tough medicos.There was not a second where me and my cointern couldn't sit peaceful there with the Cather insertions,IV cannula insertion etc...It was also too busy since my cointern's mother passed away due to carcinoma breast and he had to take leave,so we all did more duties(I missed his presence really badly☹️)..Lots of admissions from OPD like fibroid,uterine prolapse,fistula,primigravidas,multigravidas who come for safe confinement besides the emergency cases coming to LT..The most inspiring person is our superwoman mam who made  all of us assist  deliveries inspite of being 8 months pregnant(she also had safely delivered her healthy baby in one of our night duties)..I can never forget the first night duty where I got badly whacked by you mam on my occipital region of the head for not writing a case sheet properly😂😂.

I will always remember the day when my profs made me assist for vesicovaginal fistula,ectopic pregnancy,hysterectomy,15-20 normal vaginal deliveries & the scariest abruptio placenta which gave nightmares to our OBG and paediatric department

.This busy posting  made me realise that I'm not fit for being an obstetrician due to my anxiety,apprehension, tremors while suturing,anger outburst and also my silly mood swings..But looking back I feel I have learned a lot from here as a doctor..Thanks to our OBG department for treating us so lavishly for our hardwork😍

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Seminars in Medical College Life

Being a very shy and timid person,I always doubted myself when I was about to give a talk on the stage..So the day when my first seminar was given ,I almost trembled..It was medicine topic PULSE which I had to present infront of a few classmates and my medicine department..My greatest strength was my piyachang who was about to present JVP seminar with me on same day🤗As soon as it started professors started firing questions at me and students at the same time..I tried my best to give answers .. Overall it was a good experience..My first ever seminar at the age of 19 years made me confident..
Then I got 1 microbiology group seminar on STDs, community medicine seminar on URBAN HEALTH CARE  ,1 more medicine group seminar on PARASITOLOGICAL INFECTION,1 Surgery group seminar on parathyroid disorders,OBG group seminar on CONTRACEPTIVES and Paediatric seminar on haematological disorders..
Best part is that my piyachang was with me in all group seminars🤗
Then came the case presentation in comm med,med,surgery, Paediatric,OBG..
TATS what Medical college life is all about.
The most memorable of all seminars was the group seminar I did on sexually transmitted disease...Our microbiology HOD  is a very dynamic person who taught in USA was our moderator..5 girls were members of the great talk that is me,piyachang,jeens,anula,Anu..
At first when we were randomly given this topic,we all thought of backing out,but since seminar presentation was compulsory,we had no choice,but to go for it😎. At first we all prepared a slide of bacterial,viral,fungal and parasitological STD..Then we showed our seminar to our moderator.He disagreed to our style and explained about the unique style of how students presented talks in USA which is the thematic presentation where each condition is presented as case..Each patients are flying from different parts of the world that is endemic to that particular STD is coming to seek treatment in CDC ATLANTA,where each of us are sitting as specialists to treat them..It sounded so cool 😎and we all decided to give a try..After making our presentation as HOD said we decided to show him..Ours was the most coolest, naughtiest and kinkiest presentation ever😂😂.But due to our bad luck,HOD had to go for emergency leave,due to which he couldn't attend our presentation..
We were like orphans with nobody left to show our presentation with no moderator..Then we got a new moderator... As expected,the  lady couldn't digest our style of presentation and told us to delete our slides..Since there was only  2days left,we couldn't change our slides and decided to present the same.Mines was already made in my laptop at home so it was fine..But my other 4 members had made it in their college computer which got deleted due to a virus.But by god's grace they recovered most of the contents , modified all the slides the day before and presented the topic.
Next day we were all laughing before the presentation thinking how the profs will react seeing our rare talk.Then came all professors in groups to the classroom like in mahabharath war ..Then we 5 entered the stage like justice league characters...
*Piyachang gave intro by classifying the STDs ,spoke of the different infection and presented one case .
Then I came and presented case where stock broker gets lesion after a sexual encounter with his girlfriend (herpes) and differential diagnosis..Then 3 more(HPV WARTS,LGV,CHANCROID)..
*GINA spoke on discharge producing STD gonorrhoea and LGV and presented a cool case..
*Anula also gave talk on systemic infection causing STD
*ANU gave on diagnosis and treatment of each..
After the whole show,the audience were dumbstruck as if we all were some extra terrestrial creatures...As expected the conservative, narrowminded ,oppressive mangalorean crowd couldn't digest our talk and said it was Gibberish.Ours is a country where people are  very shy to  talk about sex,rape and also to give sex education..Then how can we expect population reduction...That clearly reflected on all their reaction after our presentation.

.Infact one of the associate professor whom I hated to the core  said that "You must act like a local in a third world country instead of behaving in an international manner"..He mocked at us maximum for the cases we made up and said that it doesn't need to be presented in a country like India..Most of the other staffs too made fun of us including our moderator lady who even made faces..In the midst of all this,I really wished our American HOD had come to support our ideas..After the criticisms ,we girls were all felt like Draupadi whom duryodhana misbehaved with by doing vasthrakshayapa.😂
Luckily all our classmates supported us and our ideas..In fact many even came and appreciated us after the great talk😎
After the whole talk,I felt a sense of liberation of my mind,thoughts,ideas and thinking and even got the confidence to conquer the world..I realised that the day one becomes mature and successful in life is when one disobeys and rebels how his  ideas are right infront of the society..That day even my mom told me that you and your other 4 friends will develop great confidence to go ahead in life after this..After the seminar HOD came back after his leave and even asked us about it to which we told him all this..But he is very supportive and is always by our side😎.

That is what the most memorable seminar of my life taught me and I feel so proud to have presented it.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

End Rape And Save Humanity

.The day NIRBHAYA Rape case took place,I was totally shattered and felt bad for her family..
Rape is the worst form of sexual assault afflicted upon a human by another.A recap to my forensic class..As per criminal law amendment act 2013,rape is defined as when
1. Penis inserted into vagina,mouth,urethra,anus
2.object inserted into vagina,mouth ,urethra,anus
3.mouth inserted or manipulating the woman to cause penetration into vagina,mouth,urethra and anus..
Statutory rape-sexual intercourse with girls less than 18 years and married women <15 years
Sexual offences
*Natural--rape(IPC375), adultery (IPC497),incest
*Unnatural-sodomy,buccal coitus,bestiality, tribadism
Everytime I get disturbed to the core when I hear news of ladies, children,animals and men getting raped..I get mocked at by my colleague,relatives,classmates for having too many rape articles in my timeline which I protest against many times,but is of no use..
But that's how we shed the stigma..The more openly we voice our opinion ,the more our society learns to stop and revolt against rape cases..
Rapes happen amongst family members, colleagues,classmates,professors, clergymen,teachers,army,medical,old,youngsters,etc and all walks of life..
I had always admired the article and appreciated the guts of
Major Bipindra N C to expose the sexual assaults taking place within the armies in India ..
I really want more professionals to expose more stories like this brave major did .Every department has these problems,but very few have the guts to stand up and speak for what is right..Infact after reading this,I  wish all sexual exploitation activities get exposed  in medical field and a set of bold doctors comes forward to write about SEX AND DOCTORS one day😎(I wish to contribute some stories too)

Evertime I get most irritated seeing stories of "Godmen"rape like that of holymen, babas ,tantrik,clergymen,priests.It's high time the so called people of God who commit such crimes be given punishment like surgical or chemical castration....Men of faith are still men period... No amount of prayer makes them more pure than another... Not all priests rape neither do all men but all are capable through their own weakness... To blame the girl is to make her responsible for his actions... If a man cannot control himself then he should remove himself from his temptation... A woman cannot change her gender....Whatever the age,profession,caste,religion,place ,at the end of the day,they are men who have balls,hormones and sexual feelings....

Whenever somebody we know gets raped ,we hide it under the carpet and move on thinking that will help to save the reputation of the family..
But have any of you people tried to be empathetic and thought from the victim's point of view..
1.Always a rape victim will be petrified,terrified to approach people in her initial few days after the attack..
2.She will have a change of behavioral habits ,sleep pattern with insomnia,night terrors, depression,suicidal tendencies..So in these days,she requires utmost care from her family members and friends..
3.She needs to be counselled and requires Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with antidepressants and regular visits to the psychiatrist..
4.She needs emotional,mental and social support to come back to normal life.
5.Post rape life she will face trust and commitment issues, emotional numbness and won't be able to have a proper family life.
So knowing all these points in mind, society should stop shunning a lady who was raped and must blame the rapist for everything..

 I always feel men and animals getting raped are the left out ones and nobody is there to speak up and listen to their plight..These silent sufferers must also have laws to protect them from all sufferings.

For the rapist,the punishment in India is
1)376A-Death or Persistent vegetative state--20 years to life imprisonment
2)376B--Sexual Intercourse by husband during separation--2 to 7years..If she conceives without consent,then not rape
3)376C-Sexual Intercourse by person in authority-5 to 10 years
eg-If student gets less marks,goes to professor..He asks for sex in favour of giving mark to his student .
4)376D--Gang rape-20 years to life
5)376E-Repeated offences-life to death sentence.
*376I-Max punishment for rape 7 years extending lifelong
*376 II-Min 10 years extending lifelong
    eg-professor rapes student in his room
I have a message for all girls out there.....You are neither safe in ur mother's womb nor outside it..Anything can happen to you anytime..Anti rape laws ,helpline numbers ,antirape microchip ,suit n underwears,peppersprays n knifes won t be of any use unless we change our mindset towards women..Also the judiciary and police needs to take strict and  vigilant actions against the perpetrators of such crime..
An article showing statistics of rape cases in the world..

I would like to end it with a poem by Bhavna Bhasin


I am on a rape schedule
It's after 10,
the city is receding,
street lights flickering,
A murmur of 'go home'
is in the air,
Audible only
to my ear .

We had just started talking,
I was telling him why I chose
writing over practicing law,
'That's a bold move' , he said
I quickly shut the phone screen
that said 5 missed calls

Now I'm not allowed contingencies
you see
If I said I would be back by 11
I should have been in bed by 10
Or planned all life events before 3
Because I am on a rape schedule

I know this could be a wonderful conversation, and we have only
just begun
But I'm tracing the map,
it's forty minutes to home
Every passing second,
another potential rapist gets
added to the list of ways
in which a consequential,
highly avoidable fate is met
after a night of fun
So I have to go,
keep the shoe,
keep my share of the night sky too
Because I am on a rape schedule

My parents have already imagined
every possible horrendous thing that
could happen to me
Their anger is misplaced,
their logic faulty,
But can I complain
if in theory they believe in my freedom
But really just act out of concern for me?

I should be grateful for the sunny patch
that I'm allowed
For men who feel responsible for me
even though I'm better endowed
everyday that I follow the schedule

Monday, 15 January 2018

Sports for an Overall Well Being

Lately I've been thinking about all sports activities I did in school,all Physical education lesson, swimming lessons , basketball, athletic activities,relay,long jump,batminton..Thanks to my arian trait😎I had inborn athletic potential and could master many activities.. But sadly this athlete  could never be exploited in her school days to the maximum due to the long distance of her home from her school as her mom wanted to be near the work place . My school(ISG) in Oman has an amazing  basketball court, football ground and  an athletic track..My favourite activities were mostly athletics.. I came as a big failure in most of these activities in my initial days due to the high level of competition my athletic female counterparts gave me..Atleast  I can proudly say that I was a jack of all trades😎..Infact when 2-3 girls left for studies in India after 9th standard  ,I started winning races and once even got selection for 4×400m relay,400 metres in interschool level(my PT USHA achievement😎)..I still remember how I used to crib to my parents about not winning these races for which they say not to worry and you won't be doing any career relating to sports(typical Indian parents style of consoling and motivating😒)
But if I am given the post of education minister,I would be made sports compulsory in every school and college in India,like they do IN USA.. Every kid must learn to participate in a sports activity  which helps in their overall development..But due to tough MBBS course and RGUHS examination,sports took a backseat in my medical college days..
But looking back,I realise it is actually all these sports activities ,the failures and success relating to it and how one handles them is the lesson that one needs to implement in their day to day lives when they face trouble ..Being a naturally competitive  female , winning in whatever task I undertake is more important for me and I realised handling failures,downfall and loss is the most challenging thing in my life.I also realised that I compare a lot,set high targets and pressurise myself to achieve my goals which leads me to disappointment(infact once I even dreamt of becoming a national level gold medalist in athletic and representing India in Olympics😂😂😂silly me)..
But it is the athlete within me that helped me realise my fault, fight all my inner demons and stay strong in life..
This is greatest fitness mantra in my life which is said by Deepika Padukone's
"  When I was growing up my father said to me, To be the best, always remember the three D's - Discipline, Dedication and Determination. Follow your heart. Do what you are passionate about." Sport has taught me how to handle failure. It has also taught me how to handle success. It has kept me grounded. It has taught me humility.
Two years ago I struggled with depression. I was sinking. I almost gave up. But it was the athlete in me that gave me the strength to fight and never ever give up!
And so I want to say to every girl and every boy and every woman and every a sport...because it changed my life...and it will change yours too!
Sport has taught me how to survive! It has taught me how to fight! It has made me unstoppable."..

Here are some inspirational athletic quotes from my favourite sportspersons that helped me remain motivated in all walks of life and I'm sure it will inspire many of you..
So all of you when life tries to challenge you,take everything in a sportsman spirit and move forward..😎😎👍💪